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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A poem

I have been doing daily inspirational readings and I have found myself, you guessed it, inspired by a lot of what I read. Most of it comes from my "A course in Miracles" book which is what has transformed my life so much. It is amazing to me each time I read it and it gives me such clarity and peace of mind. It has given me God. The feeling of peace I get when I read it and sometimes just picking it up I can't explain, it just calms me. There are several quotes that I remember, some I have listed on my Facebook page.

There is my support group of course that has lots of good stuff in it's literature and I'm inspired by the other people in it. I now help run a couple of the groups when time allows. The main leader always has all sorts of new stuff that she finds online and in books to share with us all. Recently she gave me the following poem. I have typed it up in Word in a fancy script, will print it on some nice paper and am looking for a frame so I can hang it in my living room. Part of my challenge in this last year is to love myself, to stop limiting myself and letting others do that so this poem has a lot of meaning to me. I wanted to share it cause it's that good:

A Miracle in the Making

I am willing to accept that I am a miracle in the making.
I have within me a power that can do the most incredible things.
Today I take the first step toward re-establishing my awareness of the glory of life.
The beauty in the world around me.
The miracle that lies about me on every hand.
Today I will take another step forward in establishing conscious contact with the creator,
Believing I will be responded to, taken by the hand, and led along the road of life.
I will take time along the way to enjoy my life with new vigor, fire and excitement.
Today I put aside my lower nature, my problem self.
Today I open my mind to the belief in miracles.
Today I believe in myself and something greater than myself.
Today my life is a miracle in the making.
--Author Unknown--

They are going to let me read this poem as part of our morning meditation at school on tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about that.

Speaking of school, today was awesome. Food Science was so interesting. The teacher who taught it spoke of foods as like drugs because at their chemical level, that is how our bodies react to them. The class just flew by. We have two more classes with her, which I am now really looking forward to going to.

I got an e-mail today that my Jason tickets are on their way!!!!! 9 days and counting. I can't wait. I hope I don't have to go by myself but it will all depend on when Mark gets back next Friday. This week it's a late flight, won't be home until nearly 8pm and I hope it's not the same next week but I will go without him if I have too!


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